What to look for when buying a daybed

daybed with pop up trundle

A daybed has become a vital item for many families. One of the main reasons why most people prefer a daybed is due to it uses. You can use it as a sofa, a bed and space underneath can have storage drawers. In some cases, a daybed is purchased to fill the guest room or kid room. However, most daybeds are not cheap.  For this reason, it’s important to choose wisely when thinking of buying one.  

Since daybeds are available in different styles, materials, and configurations, it might be wise to look at various aspects and features before buying one. For instance, most people prefer a daybed pop up trundle. Hence, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a daybed.

Here are useful tips on what to look for when buying a daybed.

Budget – Budget is the first thing you should consider when purchasing a daybed. For example, once you buy the daybed, you need a mattress, and also to dress your bed to match. Hence, form a budget that will include all the things you need including a top cover, bed cover and some throw cushions to decorate your daybed.

Frame – In most cases, you can find a daybed made of wood frames, upholstered frame, and metal frame especially if you go with a daybed with pop up trundle. A daybed made of the upholstered structure looks more like a couch, and less like a bed. However, though it looks cute and fabulous, it is not a good choice if you need to use them for children.

Styles – Choose a style that matches your interior decor. Since daybeds are available in different styles, you cannot miss one that complements your house. There are mission style, Victorian, traditional and sleigh style. There are also beds with small profiles and daybed with pop up trundle. You will even have to consider colour. Would you prefer painted wood or non-traditional colours? It is important to decide your style before purchasing one.

daybed with pop up trundle

Uses – Most people use daybeds in home offices or spare rooms. This is because it can be used as a couch in those places. In most cases, it is added to accommodate visitors. One benefit of a daybed is that it can transform your home office when you have no separate guest room. Daybeds can also be used in kid’s room for sleeping, and the trundle can hide extra bedding.


A daybed is an excellent way to furnish your kid’s room or have one in your guest’s room. Since it uses a twin bed mattress, the same rules that are used for purchasing a twin bed should apply.daybed with pop up trundle

Wireless to the Rescue?


If you listen to all the analysts, wireless technology is here to stay, and you had better start developing a strategy-quickly.

International Data Corp. (IDC),, Framingham, Mass., for instance, estimates that by as early as 2002, worldwide mobile Internet subscribers will most likely exceed those on the wired Web.

Suppliers insist that there are a slew of benefits for the construction industry, some of which can be implemented today, while others may take a little more time to fully develop.

Make no mistake, though, the time is now to start exploring your wireless options. Wireless is hot news. Expectations are high among users and suppliers alike. Without question, the pressure to stay competitive is one of the key selling points behind the emergence of wireless-based solutions.

Despite all the hype, construction professionals need to clearly understand all the benefits and challenges that exist in this hot new technology. So before you take the plunge, you might want to take a closer look at how your organization can benefit from the wireless movement.

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ERoom Ramps Up Hosted Service


Features include real-time collaboration and approval process

Annapolis, MD August 26, 2002. This week’s release of version 6 brings the subscription edition more in line with the collaboration software vendor’s packaged version by adding real-time collaboration, support for approval processes, and an enhanced user interface.

The souped-up version of also carries a price tag 20% higher than its predecessor, with fees ranging from $300 a month for a small eRoom–an online workspace–to $1,200 a month for one that can support as many as 100 participants. But the approval-management capabilities alone are worth the added cost, says Bliss Kaye, CIO of International Design and Construction Online, which is testing the new service.

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