Deck Stripper and Its Uses

Deck Stripper

If your deck is old and in dire need of being stripped off of its old stain along with the stubborn moss and even dirt, you have come to the right place. It would be great if you first used a deck cleaner and then a deck stripper, this would be a great two-step process to perfectly strip out all the dirt and even the old stain job. Firstly a deck stripper is mainly used to remove the old stain and also to completely clean the deck of any sort of dirt, wood blemishes and mould as well. The best deck stripper formulas are based on sodium hydroxide, which is a highly caustic compound which will surely break down and emulsify old stains. The chemical mix will have to be left for a couple of hours because it is washed off with hose water.


In a nutshell, a deck stripper is a stronger type of a deck cleaner. The chemical compositions also tend to be different as the stripper is a longer chemical indeed. The stripper is used for removing the semi-transparent and solid staining job, something that the cleaner cannot do. If you want to remove paint, then you will have to opt for a paint remover. Some features that you need to look for in a good deck stripper is that it should have no methylene chloride. Methyl chloride is apparently bad, and fortunately, people are getting to know about this. Most of the products that are required by the law are biodegradable and therefore make sure that you buy one that is biodegradable. I have listed out some great deck stripper options, do take a look.

Wood Deck

The Defy Exterior Wood Stain Stripper will surely get the job done. It can remove worn-out surfaces and can restore the beauty of the wood. It is ready to use and is particularly formulated for exterior wood. The main ingredient in this mix is sodium hydroxide, and the formula is surely caustic enough to treat the entire gamut of stains. It is fully biodegradable and also does not have to be left on the wood for significant periods of time. One coating or application is surely enough to remove the hardest stains and issues.

Woodrich Heavy Duty Stripper and Brightener is undoubtedly pricey, but the performance justifies the price. It is actually a duo of two products which would be a stripper and a brightener. It can cover an area of around 3000 square feet. It is actually sold in a powdered form and is very easy to store. The main ingredient here as well is sodium hydroxide. It is best if the brightener is applied after the stripper does its job.