Different kinds of siding


When it comes to siding the easy part is, knowing when to replace the old ones with the new one. The difficult part is to choose which kind of siding to use. It is because there are a lot of choices that are available out there. Each material is different and is unique in its own way. Search for siding Cincinnati OH to know more about siding. In this article, we will see some of the different types of siding.

Vinyl siding

According to various reports, vinyl siding is the most popular siding in the country. It is because it is durable and there are a lot of options when it comes to colors. Comparing to most of the other materials it is also cheap. There are different categories of vinyl siding which includes horizontal panels, vertical panels, Dutch lap, shakes, shingles, beaded and fish scales.  The advantage of using vinyl siding is that they are very durable and hence you can expect a lifetime of 30 to 40 years if properly maintained.

Fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding is also one of the most used siding materials. Fiber cement sidings are made by a mixture of wood, sand and cement. It contributes a lot to the visual appeal of the building because it appears like it is entirely made out of wood. It is fire resistant, and most of the wooden siding comes with a 1A fire rating. The texture that it provides is something that everyone will love.

Brick siding

Brick siding is one of the popular siding options as it is very reliable and will last for a long time. There many houses and buildings that are a hundred years old will have brick sidings. Brick and brick veneer have a very specialized finishing which can also be used as a siding material. The brick siding is also fire resistant, and it does not require much maintenance.

Metal siding

When it comes to metal siding, it has a few categories. The most popular ones are aluminum and steel siding.  The metal siding provides a modern look to your house and will also contribute to the aesthetics of the building if it is properly installed. If you are living in the coastal area, it is better to opt for aluminum because it will protect the house from the salt air. Using metal siding is very, and there will not be any fade in the material in the long run.

Wood Siding

There are a lot of people who like to have a wooden finish in many things. For those kinds of people, it is a perfect choice. It is very popular because of two things. The first one is that it is natural and the second is that it is timeless. No matter what it will never go out of fashion. One of the best parts of using wooden siding is that it is energy efficient.