Things To Know About Gas Path Components


With the advancements in gas path technology, it is easier now to understand which time-sensitive parts need to be changed. Gas path components also known as Gas Turbine parts are seeing steady advancements in technology to improve gas turbine parts which can be potentially dangerous such as combustion, etc. The gas turbine parts have changed when it comes to costs, repairs, expected life, etc. This has helped minimise the cost that is associated with operating gas turbines.

If the owner has no knowledge of how to monitor these gas turbines and the costs relating to sterilising the critical parts, the owner risk of exposure is substantial. These risk can be substantially lowered with a straight forward task of decontaminating the parts of the location and the accumulated age. Although sterilising these parts may seem easy but the owners do not understand this critical information. Many depend on service agreement provider to track the information which is periodically noted down to provide with the necessary information. If this information is lost, it will become difficult to keep track of all the critical and expensive assets.

Critical elements

While tracking the owner must determine the value of the tracking parts within a fleet against time and money. The time and cost required to properly manage these critical parts from the remaining-life perspective, which can lead to the parts having exceeded their time limit and are not repairable. A simple well-taught plan of execution with accurate information can cut a portion from incurred costs. It is a good idea to start serialising the parts tracking system, as it will be easier to determine when the original equipment manufacturer service agreement exists. Generally, the service agreement has an endpoint if not renewed goes under the ownership of the owner. Having a serialised tracking number helps you track the systems with data transparency and also defined data ownership.

Which parts to track?

A rule of thumb when it comes to hot gas path component parts is that the owner must include serialised parts, which provides for OEM identification, which tells the life limit of the part. All parts require serialised parts o safely operate gas turbines which good operation and less costs. The most commonly tracked serialised parts in a gas turbine is the combustion and hot section components.

Serialised parts age criteria

The main motivation for tracking the serialised parts is the ability to measure its age and determine its life limits. This helps the owner understand the life span of the part in terms of financial perspectives. The typical criteria of measurement include operating hours, starts, cycles and trips. One the age is defined, the owner will know the process of tracking the information. To effectively monitor the age of all the parts, using all the units of fleet to collect the same age consistently which allows the data to be in line with the various ages parameters.

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